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One of the responsibilities of managing a retirement plan is ensuring that the assets are invested prudently.

Segal Rogerscasey Canada serves a broad spectrum of pension and retirement plans, endowments, foundations, financial intermediaries and private wealth investors. We are registered as a Portfolio Manager in each province across Canada. As fee-based advisors, our only income is from investment consulting and management. We provide objective, independent investment advice and build implemented platforms without the conflicts associated with directly managing money.

Segal Rogerscasey Canada offers a full range of independent investment solutions, including the following services:

  • Investment Solutions
    • Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies
    • Asset-liability Modeling (ALM)
    • Manager Searches
    • Performance Measurement
    • Alternative Investment Research
  • Defined Contribution Consulting
  • Implemented Investment Solutions
    • Fiduciary Services
    • Model Portfolios
    • MasterManager℠
    • Strategy-Specific Hedge Fund Portfolios
    • Retire Funds
    • Specialty Funds
  • Advisor Solutions Group 

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