Model Portfolios

Segal Rogerscasey Canada uses a series of model portfolios that incorporate firm-wide themes in terms of asset class inclusion and weights, and provide guidelines for asset allocation decisions. Tiers of diversification and the range of portfolios from low to high risk are designed to provide the flexibility to cater to a client’s risk tolerance and appetite for different asset classes.

For investors whose primary objective is capital preservation and/or income generation and who have a shorter time horizon and/or little risk tolerance.

Same as Institutional Capital Preservation but with slightly lower cash allocation to accommodate Municipal Bonds.

Opportunistic approach within strategic asset class groups with a modestly higher cash allocation to allow for opportunistic investing where appropriate. For investors with a longer time horizon, some notion of a liquidity plan for the near term, and sensitivity to downside exposure but are still return-oriented.

Same as Classic Portfolio 1, but with a greater sensitivity to downside risk, and therefore, an overall higher fixed income position. For investors who may have greater concern/need for income, yield and cash flow than those clients in Classic Portfolio 1, but are still return-oriented in the long-term.

Recognizes importance of the relationship between cash and alternatives in the future. Greater allocations to alternatives may require greater allocations to cash, above and beyond the previously defined cash position for other liquidity needs. Alternative asset classes and emerging markets serve as primary growth engines. We diversify away from public markets relative to historical norms. For investors with a long-term investment horizon.

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