MasterManagerSM is an institutional, multi-manager program that allows investors to build a sophisticated and diversified portfolio with funds built upon Segal Rogerscasey Canada’s industry-leading investment research. Our proprietary commingled funds help us to efficiently implement our best investment ideas in a scalable, cost-effective manner. We select investment managers based on diligent research and provide unprecedented access to top investment strategies, including hard-to-implement alternative asset classes. Our experienced team provides constant oversight and makes efficient day-to-day decisions that can make the difference in our client’s portfolios.

Each fund is considered a building block, called Strategy Modules, and represents a unique and distinct investment style. Each Strategy Module comprises investments in a distinct sub-asset class managed by one or more investment managers. Separating distinct disciplines in this way provides a higher degree of flexibility in customizing mixes of sub-asset classes to meet specific objectives. The manager(s) included in each Strategy Module are selected based on their outstanding qualifications and their potential to earn higher returns. Segal Rogerscasey Canada does not receive any part of the investment management fees paid to the Strategy Module managers  this ensures that our research is unbiased and the manager selections are based strictly on merit, and that there is complete alignment of interests between our firm and our clients.

We design a customized portfolio to match each client’s objectives. Using our extensive capital markets experience, investors can achieve optimal diversification using some or all of the available investment options with weightings based on their unique investment objectives. Our independence from the investment managers means that we are not conflicted by other interests.

These funds currently comprise 25 different strategies, spanning all styles of equity and fixed income management, with exposure to all the major markets, asset classes and investment styles. This combination of strategies allows investors to mix and match individual funds based on their own unique objectives, constraints, liquidity needs and time horizons.

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