Implemented Investment Solutions

Segal Rogerscasey Canada has developed a set of industry-leading tools and capabilities to implement the advice we give to our clients in an efficient, cost-effective and conflict-free manner. Utilizing our highly experienced and dedicated investment professionals, we can fully replicate all Chief Investment Officer and Board of Trustees tasks and functions, including:

  • Asset allocation
  • Asset-liability optimization
  • Portfolio construction
  • Investment manager selection and weighting
  • Rebalancing and tactical portfolio positioning
  • Back office investment operations
  • Ongoing risk monitoring
  • Ongoing performance reporting

Through tools such as our MasterManagerSM platform of asset managers and our asset allocation and liability analysis capabilities, we help clients meet their short- and long-term return objectives. Moreover, we have forged relationships with many of the investment world’s top providers of risk management and mitigation tools. All of this translates into the potential for superior risk-adjusted performance, without all the hassles of doing it yourself.

In addition to providing industry-leading tools and solutions, Segal Rogerscasey Canada helps investors improve their investment results through better governance, policy and guideline creation, implementation and ongoing monitoring. By implementing decisions efficiently and effectively, we can improve the likelihood of long-term success and minimize downside volatility in the process.

Our tools include:

Fiduciary Services

Segal Rogerscasey Canada offers frequent, disciplined reviews of our clients' asset allocation and portfolio design.


A diversified, multi-manager, multi-asset class outsourced investment solution for qualified investors, including pension plans, foundations and endowments, and high net worth individuals with at least $25 million in assets.

Retire Funds

Top performing Target Date Funds with diversified investment choices for defined contribution plan participants.

Model Portfolios

A series of customized, broadly diversified investment portfolios with asset allocation and manager selection on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. Our model portfolios are configured for a wide variety of return goals and risk tolerances.

Strategy-Specific Hedge Fund Portfolios

Proprietary, multi-manager portfolios designed for wealthy individuals and smaller institutions to execute hard-to-implement hedge fund investment strategies.

Specialty Funds

Customized multi-managed funds providing diversified access to investment opportunities.