As benefit plans throughout Canada become increasingly complex and plan administrators assume a broader range of responsibilities than ever before, effectively communicating membership and benefits program information presents a continuing challenge. Regardless of how good a benefits program may be, if participants don't understand their benefits or recognize their worth, they will not see their value and will not use their benefits to maximum advantage. When it comes to participant appreciation and understanding of a benefit program, communications can be as important as plan design.

But we are experts at more than only benefits communications. 

Communication is more than the art and technique of effectively conveying thoughts, information and ideas. It is now the single most important element in helping organizations share their vision and energize their employees to move the organization forward. Why? Because clear, concise and consistent communications not only educate employees, enabling them to appreciate the value of their organizations' programs — they also keep employees focused, informed, motivated, productive and committed.

At Segal, our communications professionals partner with our multi-employer, public sector and private sector clients to develop targeted and effective communications that clearly and consistently promote the value of benefit programs. Our communicators are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in diverse communications disciplines, and we offer a full range of services.


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