Segal Rogerscasey Canada has one of the largest dedicated research teams in the industry. Organized into three specialized segments, our Research Group delivers solutions customized to each client’s specific needs and objectives, and frequently publishes our views on macro themes, financial markets, asset classes and investment strategies that directly impact our clients’ portfolios.


  • Defines strategic asset classes
  • Formulates views on strategic asset classes
  • Anticipates macro investment themes
  • Formulates capital markets assumptions
  • Formulates objective-driven investing
  • Facilitates development on research agenda
  • Partners with investment consultants in conducting asset-liability and asset allocation studies
  • Develops annual research agenda

People on Podium

  • Defines investment strategy and asset class coverage
  • Conducts/documents manager due diligence
  • Sources/monitors investment strategies
  • Seeks new sources of alpha investment returns
  • Generates research notes, opinions and rankings of investment strategies
  • Tracks strategies through exclusive access to an investment manager database
  • Utilizes proprietary manager assessment model  MR2 (Manager Research and Ranking)

Pie Chart

  • Implements portfolios
  • Synthesizes top-down research with bottom-up research to generate optimal portfolios for Segal Rogerscasey clients
  • Through education, communicates optimal strategies to Segal Rogerscasey clients
  • Develops annual research agenda
  • Conducts manager searches
  • Assists investment consultants with investment structure design
  • Serves as a resource to investment consultants for various client projects