Direction is a quarterly overview of The Segal Group’s model multi-employer pension plan (MEPP).

You can use it to understand recent changes in:

  • A model plan’s assets, liabilities and funded ratio, 
  • The benchmark discount rate for determining pension liabilities, and
  • Total hours worked in select industries.

If you’d like to discuss the MEPP, and what it might mean for your plan’s changing funded radio, contact Cameron McNeill or Geneviève Lussier.

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The Segal Group’s MEPP ended the third quarter of 2018 at 102 percent.

That’s three percentage points higher than the funded percentage in the second quarter.

Find out how the plan’s assets and liabilities changed in Q3.

To discuss how we can help trustees manage pension plan risk, contact your Segal consultant, Cameron McNeill or Geneviève Lussier.

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