Blue Sky Pension Forum

September 24, 2015

Toronto, Ontario

Blue Sky Pension Forum (Toronto)

"Economic Outlook & the Post-QE World" — Joe Cerullo, Segal Rogerscasey, Toronto

"Measuring IT Security Risks: Reduce Your Plan’s Exposure to Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Data Loss" — Gisela De San Roman, New York

"Are Recent Changes in Quebec an Opportunity?" — Genevieve Lussier, Montreal

"How Well Managed Is Your Pension Plan?" — Ron Olsen, Toronto

"Taking Another Look At Alternatives - Strategies to Enhance Return and Reduce Risk" — Ruo Tan, Segal Rogerscasey, Toronto

"The Post-QE Investment Toolbox - Addressing an Uncertain Financial Environment" — Kathleen Pabla, Toronto

"Fund Office Technologies: Trends and Considerations" — Gisela De San Roman, New York

"Pension Follies - Bad Assumptions, Damaging Publicity and the Future of Bankruptcy" — Tom Levy, Toronto

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