Thomas D. Levy

Mr. Levy is a Senior Vice President in Segal’s Toronto office as well as the firm’s Chief Actuary Emeritus. He has extensive actuarial consulting experience. As the firm’s Industry Group Leader for the Airlines Industry, he constantly monitors relevant legislation, trends, and developments to ensure that Segal’s Airlines clients are prepared and informed.

Mr. Levy is a recognized expert on public employee and multi-employer pension plans, CICA, FASB and IASB accounting for benefit plans, as well as on employee benefits issues related to bankruptcy and adversarial proceedings.

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) appointed Mr. Levy to its Multi-Employer Plans Advisory Committee and Actuarial Advisory Committee. In addition, the Office of the Chief Actuary of Canada appointed Mr. Levy to the Canada Pension Plan Peer Review Panel twice. He is also on the Board of the Multi-Employer Benefits Plan Council of Canada (MEBCO), and chairs its Government Liaison Committee. Mr. Levy chaired the Program Committee for the 2001 National Canadian Pension Actuarial Seminar and chaired the Canadian Institute of Actuaries Task Force on Multi-Employer Pension Plans.

Thomas Levy - Senior Vice President & Chief Actuary