Model Multi-Employer Pension Plan Stays Fully Funded

Gain in Assets Offsets Rise in Liability

In today’s uncertain market environment, sponsors of Canadian multi-employer pension plans need to remain vigilant about the risks their plans face — from changes in the benchmark discount rate to fluctuations in their industry’s employment levels.

Stay up to speed on these evolving conditions with Direction, a quarterly overview of recent changes in:

  • A model plan’s assets, liabilities and funded ratio,
  • The benchmark discount rate for determining pension liabilities, and
  • Total hours worked in select industries.

During the first quarter of 2017, the funded status of The Segal Group’s model multi-employer pension plan remained stable at 101 percent. How does your multi-employer pension plan’s funded ratio compare?

Segal Group professionals can help you to:

  • Project your plan’s funded ratio through asset-liability modeling, and
  • Develop funding strategies that achieve your desired funding targets.

To learn more about how we can help trustees manage their plan, contact your Segal consultant, Cameron McNeill or Geneviève Lussier.

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